Twisted Metal

Maybe it is a morbid curiosity but I can't help but to be amazed at the damage that occurs when wheeled objects weighing thousands of pounds smash into each other. Hopefully the people involved fared better than their cars. Actually today's cars have cumple zones to absorb energy and protect the occupants so the cars tend to look more smashed.

I like to think of this accident photo obsession of mine as more of a physics curiosity. For example twice as fast hits four times as hard. Speed gets squared! If nothing else, it is reason to drive more carefully.

During my daily commute that involves the Capital Beltway and other crowded highways around the Washington, DC area, there seems to be no end to these types of photo opportunities.

This Page is dedicated to the Maryland State Police Aviation Division

"Trooper Two" on the Ground in the Northbound Lanes of Route 4 near Upper Marlboro, MD.

I Hate it When This Happens

Slow Down in Icy Conditions, Okay?

He Who Has the Most Lug Nuts Wins

The Speeding Car Went Through the Pole. That's Inertia!

The handicapped driver had just come from a business that installs handicapped controls. The accelerator malfunctioned and propelled the car through the stop sign, through the pole, over the embankment, and into the creek. Bummer. The driver was hurt but not too seriously considering what had happened.

Maybe he could have switched off the ignition but if you ever need do that don't turn the key far enough for the steering wheel to lock.

How Does This Happen on a Nice Sunny Day? Could it Be the Drivers?

That's a Lot of Trash to Clean Up