Navajo Rugs

Navajo rugs, hand woven by Native Americans in the Four Corners area of the southwest United States are works of art. Fewer and fewer young women these days stay on the reservation to carry on the weaving tradition. Here are some excellent examples of modern Navajo weaving. The styles are named after the area where they are woven such as "Ganado" or "Two Grey Hills" or sometimes after the design such as a "Storm Pattern."

Most weaving cultures use a horizontal loom. The Navajos were nomadic so they use a vertical loom that could be hung from a tree branch as they moved from place to place. Note the sand painting above the loom, also a Navajo art.

Ganado Red style woven by Ester Harvey

Two Grey Hills style woven by Virginia Yazziee

Another Two Grey Hills rug. It is smaller but has a very tight weave. More threads per inch results in finer detail.

Storm Pattern style woven by Angela Begay

Another Storm Pattern Woven near Page, AZ by Irene Sanders