Here are a few astrophotos taken by simply holding a digital camera up to the eyepiece. Nothing great but it is a start.

Venus Transit of the Sun taken through a solar filter (that covers the scope aperture) from the boardwalk at Chesapeake Beach, MD June 8, 2004 5:58 AM.

Lunar Eclipse October 2004

First Quarter Moon - The terminator (light-dark division) runs along the mountains and craters. Sun light comes from the west which iluminates the terrain from the side creating dramatic lighting of peaks and shadows in the craters.

The Old Scope - 8" Meade F6 Reflector on EQ Mount

The New Scope - 90 mm William Optics F6.9 Refractor (APO Doublet) on Vixen PortaMount - Shown with Tele-Vue Radian Eyepiece - Note the gold knob is a 10:1 ratio fine focuser - The tripod is very smooth to slew and is also geared for fine aiming adjustment. This scope saw Saturn as it's first light on the morning of January 12, 2008.